In South Carolina, for every six persons, one does not have health insurance.  Over 18,000
uninsured Americans die prematurely each year due to the lack of health insurance, more than
those dying annually from diabetes or HIV/AIDS.

So who are the uninsured?  Take a look around.  It’s the people you see every day.  It may be the
hard-working waitress who serves your breakfast at the local diner and then works another job
before going home to her children.  Possibly, it’s the small business owner struggling to make
ends meet or the self-employed carpenter with two decades of work experience.  Perhaps it is
the seasonal landscaper who comes to your home every week.

Seeing an overwhelming need to provide medical needs to the “working poor”, the Mercy In Me
Free Medical Clinic was established to offer relief to those who find themselves without health
insurance.  By providing screening and treatment of minor medical illnesses, medications, and a
healthy dose of God’s love and compassion, Mercy In Me Free Medical Clinic will provide free,
quality health care to the uninsured, while protecting each patient’s dignity and self-respect.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”
Matthew 5:7
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